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27 Karl-Liebknecht-Straße , Berlin, Berlin 10178, Deutschland
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We are a small, aspiring design collective specialized in working with startups. Born in the heart of London’s startup & tech scene and evolved from one of the world’s most vibrant startup communities. In that way we learned about the real needs of startups and it also helped us to adopt and embrace startup culture as own core value.

The startup scene is growing every day, but also the difference between startups and traditional design agencies. Startups are led by entrepreneurs with an appetite for calculated risk. They understand the need to keep costs low and generate market value. The successful ones are then rewarded by the marketplace. Agencies are led by marketers who are encouraged to increase billable costs and whose incentives aren’t directly tied to a return on the investment. Instead, their reward comes from industry accolades. This is a conflict. It’s an industry trapped by a system that dates back to the 60’s. That is boring!
Born in the heart of London’s vibrant startup community we wanted to fill the gap between traditional agencies and startups and build a design studio that is more congruent to startup culture and core values. From there we have worked with startups all around the world.

Our founder Maxim worked for a few years in agencies in Germany and the UK, moved in to freelance and started gradually building up a company that works with clients rather than for them: “Our main goal with each startup is to become a part of their team. If they succeed, we succeed. After studying I’ve worked in design agencies in Germany and London but finally I thought there must be something else, that I can do – that has more impact. Where I can meet cool people and do something meaningful in my live, where I can help others and work on interesting projects in a nice work atmosphere. That’s why I started my studio Startupface, specialized on startups. I’m most passionate about creating the overall branding/logo design and working on visual product development and design (UX/UI) for apps, web-apps and websites. I’m dedicated to accompany startups to progress from business-launch to a steady business growth phase.

I like coffee, especially together with new people so feel free to reach out and let’s meet up for a relaxed chat!“

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