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Yes, you’ve made it! Do you feel this gratitude for all your accomplishments and learning? It might have been heard, but you’ve made it! Give yourself a big hug!

Time to look back at this year with self-compassion and love surrounded by supportive and courageous community of like-minded female founders, entrepreneurs and fans in a magic Christmas atmosphere. In order to unlock your true success and bring your business and life to the next level in 2017 we need to learn the habit of self-compassion!

Did you know the state of our  business and life is a direct reflection of our self-compassion and love? It means being warm, gentle and understanding towards yourself when confronted with painful experiences. Entrepreneurship is risky adventure with marked ups and downs, that’s why lack of self-compassion could be a dangerous success killer.  Our invited speaker Kaja Otto, fulfillment and business coach and expert for feminine leadership will embrace the knowledge of how you can transfer your life and reach more success through self-compassion in 2017.

We also want to hear your voice! Be sure to grab the chance of an open mic, tell the audience about yourself, or ask for help. Networking with like-minded and dedicated people is always refreshing energizing!

Wow, snacks and 3 free drinks are also included? Yes! Looking forward to seeing you, amazing people at our Christmas edition and celebrate together tour great in 2017!

FAQ: Can men join? Of course, we are excited to have you with us.

Organizer: This event is organized by WEFOUND COMMUNITY, the  global supportive community for female founders, entrepreneurs and fans who want to make a difference.


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