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Ever wonder what it’s like to negotiate a VC round?

Well, what goes on behind the scenes is a lot more complex than you may think! An often very long and binding document called a ‚Term Sheet‘ is drawn out in order to outline the terms of the relationship between Startup and Investor. After all, this IS a business transaction where both parties are looking for the best deal possible.

Startupbootcamp is offering you a chance to see behind the scenes, understand these rules of engagement, and learn the tactics at our LIVE Term Sheet Showdown on July 5th at The Place Berlin. Just don’t forget to sign up!

Who’s Involved?

Join an audience of entrepreneurs, angels, and VC’s in witnessing this showdown. Taking in every twist and turn as we present a live term sheet negotiation.

We have Venture Capitalist Olaf Jacobi of Capnamic Ventures sitting on one side of the table, faced by local startup founder Christoph Gerber (CEO of Talon.One / Founder of and experienced startup lawyer Jens Roehrborn sitting on his side. We have created a prime battlefield environment in which these parties can negotiate the term sheet that lies before them. And you’ll also receive a copy when you arrive to take notes and follow along!

The Agenda

17:30 – Doors open & registration
18:00 – Showdown begins
(short break in between)
20:30 – Networking, drinks & snacks

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