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Sales Hacker 2016 in Berlin ist Teil der internationalen Sales Hacker Conference Reihe mit Ursprung in San Francisco. Hier kommen die wahren Helden der Sales Branche zusammen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben mit ihren Strategien und Techniken sowie raffinierten Hacks den Salesprozess zu knacken und diese zu teilen, um der Sales Community und der Startup-Szene etwas zugeben. Jeder soll die vorgestellten Hacks in sein Unternehmen implementieren können. Kein Grundlagengeschwafel – die volle Dosis Wissen. Dieses Jahr in Berlin kommt u.a. Richard Harris aus San Francisco, Head of Sales der Sales Hacker, Inc., Besitzer der The Harris Consulting Group.

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Sales Hacker 2016 in Berlin is part of the international Sales Hacker Conference originated in San Francisco. The idea is to bring together sales people that are attacking different areas of the sales process with unique tactics and strategies as well as cutting edge hacks. These are the real heroes that are willing to share their experience with the sales community so attendees can go home and implement the same hacks into their growing business. No basic talks – only value bombs. One of the Speaker this year is Richard Harris from San Francisco, Head of Sales at Sales Hacker, Inc., owner of The Harris Consulting Group.

The Sales Hacker Series will bring together sales people that are on the front lines of their companies and actually doing the dirty work. We will deep dive into actionable tactics and strategies that are being deployed by proven sales teams at some of the fastest growing startups.

Our meetup is focused on sales development. We have three of the best in the business showcasing their processes, tools, and strategies in an actionable manner, so you can go ahead and implement it the same way at your company. You will learn, for example:

  • Outbound vs. Inbound rhythm
  • How to negotiate
  • Trial & error – What did not work out

So come hang out with other sales people focused on sales automation and building sales process at their startups, and learn something new, network, recruit, eat/drink, and have fun!

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