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Factory is introducing a new format: the first midday Nitty-Gritty event.
What is it about? A lot in a short time!

The format consists of three parts:
Brain openers, 1-2 min each for 10 mins.
This part will boost our creativity for the second and third part.
Problem solvers, 2 min each for 15 mins.
Let’s solve our most nagging problems, together.
Actionable Insights, 1-2 min each for 15 mins.
Let’s share our best and most valuable lessons.

At the end of every session we recommend chatting up other members to find accountability partners to get important sh*t (you have been putting off forever) done until the next Nitty-Gritty event.


Why join?
We will boost our creativity, problem solving capabilities, and presentation skills. All this while gaining extremely valuable insights into specific, diverse topics through step by step, actionable business and life hacks. An aded bonus: everyone can get access to accountability partners. And all this in under 45 minutes. Almost too good to be true.

Please sign up, limited to 20 people, first come first served.

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