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Factory Berlin and Google for Entrepreneurs partnered up to bring you a series of workshops and lectures aimed to help your startup scale.


What would it look like to find success and happiness at work and at the same time contribute to a bigger purpose like making the world a better place for all of us?


Our business world needs a change, it needs to transform into something that is more than just making money. At the same time we all look for more than just a job that gives us money. Work is life and therefore this precious time of our life should be happy, too.

Stopping, calming down and looking inside seems not to be the first choice for us. At the same time it seems to be the right thing to cope with the greater complexity we face day to day.


Mindful Talks for Entrepreneurs is a series of monthly talks that aim to inspire people to rethink the way we do business. It brings like minded people together and maybe even creates collaborative action. We will invite experts to join us and tell us about their approach and ideas and have a joint discussion afterwards. We’re excited to host the first edition of Mindful Talks for Entrepreneurs with our speaker Mounira Latrache, Youtube Space Manager.

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