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What is HoloLens?

Hololens is a mixed reality device – recognising the environment around itself and overlaying information. You are basically creating your own reality and shaping it through gestures and gaze tracking. It is probably one of the most disruptive technologies out there right now.

The question is not why you want to experience but rather why not? Find out more at

Why should I attend?

This is a great opportunity to learn from Europe’s HoloLens experts in-depth about the unique capabilities of HoloLens. You will first receive an overview of the hardware, software and then experience yourself the basic interactions with HoloLens.

In the next step, you will RoboRaid – a super immersive game:

Finally, we will show you one of our own prototypes and you will also have the chance to request particular experiences that are available for Hololens.

What is the Format?

The workshop lasts for about an hour but we are not stingy on time so if you’ve got a bit more time, we are happy to show you more experiences.

You will experience the fantastic world of mixed reality with up to 9 others, keeping the group cozy and allowing for an engaging discussion.

Will the workshop be in English or German?

We are happy to conduct the workshop in German but due to the attractiveness of the workshop, have often English speaking participants and therefore would conduct it in English in case a non-German speaker is present.

What is Kazendi?

Kazendi is a lean innovation studio with the mission to help corporations innovate quicker and test ideas effectively. We do this providing a unique service to prototype any idea within 7 days regardless of the technology. We have worked with clients such as Lloyds Banking Group, Pearson, Unilever, Deloitte and many more.

Being the first independent company in the UK to have had HoloLens and having completed now our 4th commercial project, Kazendi is the European institution for HoloLens development in the UK.

How can I get a discount?

We always appreciate help in spreading the word about these events, please click the link below to tweet about it or share it via Linkedin/Facebook:

Please send us a screenshot via email ( and we will send you a unique 10% discount code.

Could you also come to our office?

Yes! We have a specific offering targeted at corporates with an ideation session included to ensure that at the end, you have tangible solution propositions for HoloLens.
For more information, please see this SlideShare or email us at:

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