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WIRED is hosting a 1-day skill training in Berlin where you can learn about developments and trends in Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens, Snapchat Spectacles and Google’s Daydream Platform are just a few of the new things in the rapidly growing world of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. Huge investments from Apple and Facebook, innovative hardware start-ups like Meta and LaForge are already changing the way we will use AR and VR in the future.

What does that mean for your business? Expand your knowledge about the latest trends, hardware and developments in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. Get hands on with live demos from various fields in marketing, media and industry to discover how to best incorporate AR, MR and VR into your business. Throughout the workshop you will explore and understand applications for mobile devices, smart glasses and VR headsets including the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Microsoft Hololens.

Discover a concept car with Augmented Reality, explore a technical assistant for a machine on the Microsoft Hololens or virtually step into the Hyperloop capsule and walk around. These are a few best practice examples which will be shown at the workshop – get hands on with these best practice examples and many more!

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