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Internet of Things (IoT) is the next hot topic that conquers the world by storm and is on the lips of all businesses. Within the IOT Tech Expo, (one of the biggest IOT events worldwide, taking place on the 01 and 02.06 in Berlin) three hot IOT startups will present themselves and their products.

The event will host 6 dedicated conference tracks covering the entire IoT ecosystem and key industry verticals including transport, logistics, government, energy, automotive, manufacturing and agriculture. There will also be a free exhibition with a dedicated start-up zone, showcasing the latest IoT technologies from VR to drones, wearables to AI, robotics to 3D printing.

Registering for the Meetup and details can be found here:

Attendees for the IoT meetup simply need to register for a Free Expo Pass via the website. The ‘Free Expo Pass’ provides access to:

• The exhibition (including the Blockchain and AI exhibition)

• Developing for the IoT conference track

• IoT Innovations & Technologies conference track

Website link:

Direct registration link:

The Agenda is as follows:

5 -5:20pm – Faraday Motion – Sune Pedersen & Constantin Colac

The company is developing intelligent, extensible and open lightweight electric vehicles. The first product of Faraday Motion is a 3D printable electric skateboard

5:20 – 5:40pm – Connected Horse – Ivan Melekhin – Modern technologies in ancient industry. From the ancient time horses serves to the humans helping us to move, to work, to cultivate, to fight. But horses are very delicate creatures and now, when we developed our technologies to make smart things even, it is time to bring those technologies on service to our oldest friend – horses. developing smart solutions for monitor unusual behavior, the first symptoms of illness, a change in daily routine or feeding.

Ivan Melekhin is the founder of, a start up which builds a IoT based horse monitoring solution for equine industry. After studying Applied Math and Computer Science at the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Math, Ivan has been working in various IT companies, ending his career as a CTO of one of the biggest Russian IT consulting company.

5:40 – 6pm – Neurofox – Konrad Willi Döring

Neurofox is a Berlin based startup specialising in the production of neurofeedback hardware and software.
Neurofox is a company with the vision to make Brain-Computer Interface Technology more accessible for everybody and to build a reliable device with professional Neurofeedback applications. We connect the expertize of decades of development of brain-computer interface hardware, with a software that embraces the newest findings of neuroscience and machine learning. We embrace the potential to revolutionize the efficacy and the experience of Neurofeedback therapy all over the world.
We have just built our Brain Computer Interface which has medical grade EEG signal quality and our software which connects the world of brain imaging with that of advanced machine learning.

Devices with a comparable signal quality usually cost a few thousand Euros. We have lowered that price to a few hundred through the experience of our CTO, who also built the first mobile brain-computer interface in the world.

6 pm onwards: Networking

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