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I am seeking a co-founding partner for a new and unique tour company concept. The project is ready to launch at the start of November.

I have developed a unique concept for an intimate Berlin tour covering Berlin’s cultural development from the 1920s till now- Bascially the ultimate Berlin experience- some of the topics covered include Queer culture and history, The Weimer Republic, The impact of the Berlin wall on Berlin Culture, Eco-culture/ Sustainibility and Berlin today – all these themes covered with curated special Berlin locations.

There are no other tours on the market with the branding concept that I have in mind and I see there is a huge demand in the market for a tasteful and unique Berlin experience that gives one a well rounded impression.

I am looking for someone who:


Speaks Fluent German and English
Is passionate about Berlin and Berlin culture
Is Organised
Has skills in marketing
Handles accounting and administration such as creating schedules/ managing bookings

benefits –
Sizeable share in the project
Small and fast growing team
Concept, business model and marketing already developed

Ideally as well as these skills you would feel confident and enjoy leading the tour yourself and passionate about the content.


The project would begin as a mutual investment and I have developed a business model in which income is expected to be generated within a few weeks.

If this has sparked your curiosity please be in touch and I will give you more details for how this tour/ brand concept differs to what is already on the market.


Please bear in mind the website is still a work in progress.

1 Maienpfuhl , Oderberg, Brandenburg 16248, Deutschland
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