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19 Zeughofstraße , Berlin, Berlin 10997, Deutschland
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I am UX designer by trade from Germany with 17 years of experience but held many roles such as product owner, creative director, UI designer, creative technologist, consultant, strategist and many more.

With two majors in computer science and communication design, I focus on interactivity and user experience. Work internationally on a variety of projects and apply my passion for concept, design and animation to intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use products. Like to experiment with the visual elements in combination with modern software to create original solutions.

My work process includes research, row sketches, UI-Kit creation, low & high-fidelity prototyping. Work as solo and as a member of an agile/SCRUM team with experience in design thinking moderation. Agile development and UX design process are a perfect match in my opinion and the very best products I created were done in a symbiosis of the two.

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