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14 Rigaer Straße , Berlin, Berlin 10247, Deutschland
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We are an Un-Agency for Future-Proof Communication

What is future-proof communication?

In communications, change is the only constant. We love to think „outside the lines“ – challenging the traditional appraoch. We test, evaluate and re-think to create communication and strategies that are tailor-made and future-proof.

What is an Un-Agency?

Outside The Lines works as a decentralized network of communication professionals, where everyone works efficiently according to their core competency. For each project, we compile the ideal team, based on this approach. We work where we’re needed: At the customers premises, in a project room or decentralized and connected. This reduces costs and increases efficiency and flexibility.


We love to work with future-oriented brands that aim to make our life better or more beautiful.

tech | mobility & e-mobility | new work | sustainable lifestyle | arts & culture | e-commerce | food & foodtech | future living | health & wellness | future parenting & more

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