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Berlin, On April 8, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, the official representative of Hungarian culture in Berlin, joint with the SM Conference Series brings on SMartUP! Berlin-Budapest (, an experimental conference and a virtual bridge between the startup scenes of the two European capitals. By connecting the venues of the conferences, id. streaming keynotes from and to the SM2015 leading CEE mobile/startup conference SM 2015 ( in Budapest, the organizers aim to create knowledge transfer.

The Berlin and the Budapest scenes share many features, yet their startup ecosystems may be very different. Definitely abundant in creative energy, both scenes have their unique investment culture, company culture, and views on market potentials. Let us see, if the two communities can learn from each other and if Silicon Alley can have a longer stretch!

The program of the Berlin meetup, put together under the curation of hub:raum and T-Labs, is now . We will hear stories from both scenes and views from elsewhere from authentic representatives of Berlin and Budapest based startups (Prezi, GetYourGuide, Flimmer, BorStore, Silicon Allee, etc.) and investors as well as about outreach programs making the B-ties even stronger.

The main topics of the Berlin conference are the following:

Berlin-Budapest Bridge

With a stronger-than-ever performer base, we are looking for an answer to the question ‘How can international partner connections be set up?’ and ‘How can prevalence be reached in the global market?’. We introduce Hungary and Berlin based startups with regards to already existing and possible connections between the two scenes.

Company Culture

Company culture means everything for a startup. It can affect the talent they attract, the customer base they work with, their brand reputation, and even their product itself. The multinational tech giants from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley (Berlin) have struggled with creating company culture for years, but what about fledgling startups?

Investment Trends

There are two big forces driving change in startup funding: it’s becoming cheaper to start a startup, and startups are becoming a more normal thing to do. But, how is it done differently in Berlin and Budapest and what does it mean for investors?

Art Connections

Art and startups share two passions: sharing and creativity; however, they profit quite differently from these objectives. While financing such collaborative, project-based works, which avoid narrow categorization, through means other than public funding for art promotion has become difficult, startups continue to successfully collect large amounts of venture capital. How can we understand, describe, critique and perhaps overcome this unequal relationship between art and startups?

If you have a topic relating to bringing the two scenes together, do contact us.

Attendance is free, register for the conference at our website:

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