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ENGAGE YOUR BUSINESS In this workshop, we will work thoroughly on 3 amazing ways to pitch your idea to parties like potential customers, investors, sponsors, media, supporters etc. Shaping the concept of your ideas & placing them into your audience’s life are crucial to understand, master & use so you don’t need to sell anymore, but carefully place your idea in investors’ minds. This is perfect for startups, small businesses and marketing and sales professionals. The Workshop will introduce participants to different pitching methods, stripping down examples and understanding how they play off peoples‘ emotions. You will obtain a practical step-by-step method to generate your pitch. You will also get the chance to work on your individual business situation. Your trainer is Reema Singhal: Reema earns her bread, butter and all the happiness in the world by helping small businesses in spreading their ideas. She works tirelessly by crafting businesses’ pitch, story & delivery in an exciting and communicative way. She has a background in International Marketing and content, and currently works independently in Berlin.


This practical workshop will help you understand the connection between pitching and emotions, why this is important, and how you should use it. The Workshop will start at 6pm and will end around 9pm.

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