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In order to successfully operate in today’s increasingly complex and diverse marketplace, international executives are required to develop greater awareness and cultural sensitivity towards cross-cultural issues when managing or working with diverse teams/international partners.
The aim of the workshop is to enable participants to develop the necessary intercultural competencies and confidence for successful business dealings within an international context.


During the workshop we will cover the following topics:

 Culture and Business
– how culture determines our values, attitudes and behaviour in the business context
– culture and stereotypes
– unconcious bias

Team Simulation 

Values and Norms
– Theoretical concepts in intercultural management and intercultural communication.
– Real-life situations application
– Dos and don’ts of a target country chosen by participants
– Notion of time, space, hierarchy and status

Direct and Indirect
Non-verbal communication- gestures, facial expressions, context and use of silence

Case Study: Cross-Cultural Dilemma.
Group analysis and presentation of the case

Feedback and Summary


Workshop Trainer:

Olla Shimbereva

An international speaker and intercultural coach.

She was born in Moscow, grew up in New Zealand, lived and worked in Australia, Thailand, South Korea and France; and studied in Germany and Spain. She has worked in France with the pioneer of the intercultural field George Simons and is a regular speaker at international conferences and a visiting lecturer in German universities.

She is also a certified Diversity Icebreaker and an experienced Diversophy coach.

You may find her latest article about Cultural Intelligence here : Further Details


During the break, snacks and refreshments will be provided.

The workshop is limited to 10 people. The participation fee will go towards the lease of the location, print of the materials and re-investment towards the development of an intercultural field

10 Marienburger Straße , Berlin, Berlin 10405, Deutschland
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